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A True Original.
A Timeless Classic.
A Living Legend.

One of the most charismatic performers that emerged from the early 80’s new wave era, Dale Bozzio, continues to fascinate and influence contemporary entertainers. 

In a real polymath sense, she used her voice to imprint her dreams and visions, her songwriting style paved musical roads and opened artistic highways, and has influenced many with her own custom handcrafted signature fashion concept designs.

Her wild live performances, her rainbow-colored hair, and dazzling look left an unforgettable mark in popular music.

She is the original influencer and a true pop culture icon, now more relevant than ever. 

Yes, we hear you. Yes, we care!
Our Destination is now known. 

This is the house that Dale built.
We are here to celebrate it.

The Album Collection (2021 Remasters)

3CD Box Set

All three classic Missing Persons remastered and expanded CD reissues are included in this limited edition slipcase/box. Specially prepared for this release, the exclusive design incorporates elements from all of the included albums. This box will only be available directly from Rubellan Remasters and will not be part of retail distribution. Once this limited box of 500 sells out, there will be no further pressings. Don’t miss out!

2020 Release


For all of us that were dreaming about Dale’s new release, it’s finally here!

Dreaming is out. This beautiful collection of ten covers and two originals just released in two collectible formats: Pink Vinyl and CD. Dale’s unique voice and magical interpretation shine through every track making this an instant classic.

Produced by Adam Hamilton for Cleopatra Records.

Get it here: